About Me

Hi, I’m Phil. I’m a tech entrepreneur and founder of Would You Rather Be. I spent 12 years in product, technical and leadership roles at Monzo, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. I have a Computer Science degree from Cambridge University and founded a startup back in 2004 called Projected Games.  I grew up in North Wales.  And I now live with my wife and two boys in Surrey in the UK.

My sweet spot is the intersection of software and social impact.  I left my role as Head of Revenue at Monzo in the summer of 2018 to explore this intersection.  And that’s when I started this blog.  So you can follow my journey right from the beginning.

I spent the first year trying different projects in the areas of extreme poverty, education and mental health.  And I landed on the area of employment, and specifically “career happiness” in June of 2019 when I founded Would You Rather Be.

I care about social impact because I’m a Christian.  Making a difference in people’s lives is important to me, especially people who are marginalised and disadvantaged.  Thanks to the smartphone revolution, most of the world’s population carry around a smartphone (network-connected supercomputer) in their pockets, including many in the developing world.  And software empowers us to build things that can reach everyone, enabling us to have a social impact at massive scale.

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