About Me

Hi!  I’m Phil.  I’m a husband, dad and tech entrepreneur.  I’m also a chocolate brownie connoisseur!  I grew up in North Wales and studied Computer Science at Cambridge.  I dabbled with entrepreneurship for a couple of years in 2004 with a startup called Projected Games.  Here’s the old archived website .  I then spent 12 years working for Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Monzo.

In 2018 I resigned from my position as Head of Revenue at Monzo and re-embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, but this time with a focus on social impact.

As a Christian, I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, especially those who are marginalised and disadvantaged.  Thanks to the smartphone revolution, most of the world’s population carry around a smartphone (network-connected supercomputer) in their pockets, including many in the developing world.  I believe there are many opportunities to build consumer-facing technology products that will make a difference in people’s lives.

I left a lucrative career behind and decided to take a crazy risk, especially with a young family to support.  I did it because life is short and I want to see if I can make a difference in people’s lives using technology.

I started this blog so that I won’t be alone in this journey.  I’m not new to technology, but I am new to social impact and I imagine I’ll have a lot to learn.  I plan to post a blog post every few weeks as I learn and build new products to help people.  I expect it’ll be a fascinating journey.

Why don’t you journey with me!?  Just let me know your email address and you’ll be the first to get new blog posts I write.  It would make a big difference to me if we journeyed together!  Thank you!!

If you’ve not followed my journey so far, why not start at the beginning with my first blog post.

My company, Projected Games Ltd lives on and now hosts a couple of projects I’ve recently been working.  Here’s the new revamped website.

You can read more about my career on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter.  I live in Woking, Surrey (near London in the UK) with my wife and two young boys.