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  • Building a Web App to Save Teachers Time and Help Students Learn
    My main focus the last few months has been building a web app for use by teachers and students in a classroom. It uses a method called comparative judgement. Each student takes a photo of their work and they then see pairs of work from other students and have to decide which is best. After 20 minutes, a class of 30 would have hundreds of judgements and the app puts them in order of the number of votes. This saves teachers time in marking and helps students learn. We now have almost 200 teachers on board! READ MORE ...[...]
  • A Trip To India to Visit the World’s Finest Organisation
    Last week I visited India. I was part of a program that went deep inside an organisation called the Aravind Eye Care System. Their mission is to eliminate needless blindness. Aravind restores someone’s vision every minute! Their surgeons have at least five times the efficiency of any other eye surgeon and they perform eye surgeries at a fraction of the cost of surgeries in the UK. Could this be the world’s finest organisation? READ MORE ...[...]
  • Building a Chatbot to Protect People from Malaria
    I’ve been busy the last couple of months! I spent about 200 hours on my first social impact project. I’ve been busy building a chatbot to raise money for the Against Malaria Foundation who distribute bed nets to people in sub saharan Africa. This blog post will walk you through my 2-month journey of how I built this chatbot, involving 10,000 lines of code, 40 user tests and five big iterations of the product! ... READ MORE ...[...]
  • Tech Products that are Helping People Today
    In my quest to build technology that will make a difference in people’s lives, I figured I should look into the tech products that are helping people today. I've spoken to leaders of large charities and social enterprises. I've also researched hundreds of tech startups. This post explores tech products for education, employment, healthcare, finance, refugees, homeless people and more. Buckle up, this is a long one!! ... READ MORE ...[...]
  • Effective Altruism
    One of my leaving gifts from Monzo was a book called Doing Good Better, which explores how we can have the most social impact possible with our money, time and resources.  This is the essence of a movement called Effective Altruism. Did you know you could save an entire human life for about £2,500!? And that almost all sweatshop workers want to work there!? Explore this topic with me ... READ MORE ...[...]
  • My Entrepreneurial Journey Begins
    A few weeks ago I resigned from my position as Head of Revenue at Monzo to start my own entrepreneurial journey.  But my journey really started fourteen years ago with a startup I founded called Projected Games.  It failed. Since then I've worked at Microsoft, Google and Facebook, got married and became a Dad! Now I'm rebooting my entrepreneurial journey, but with a change of focus ... READ MORE ...[...]